Correct me if I am wrong PG, but you're suggesting that CSI is looking at probably 1 ounce of Au per ton in your calculations and I would agree with that. But where we disagree is first on the life of mine. I think you know full well that CSI will be mining this for decades. Looking to the SW of the CMZ, which is the direction that the which the CMZ runs, CSI has not been able to drill there from surface because there is a mountain in the way, and will have to do so from underground, because it dips downward. and of course there is the Elefante area too which has great grades at surface. So with a little concrete extrapolation I think decades of mining is more likely.

You suggest 320 days of production. Don't believe they will have that much down time for plant shut downs and routine maitenance. Perhaps two weeks which is the norm. Finally, although CSI will likely ramp up slowly once they see that everything is running smoothly and according to hoyle, they will ramp up to 1000tpd and beyond very quickly. Cha ching! AIMHO of course.