CSI is so undervalued it's unbelievable! Sprott financings without warrants were at 7-8 dollars,when gold was trading much lower than now.Even if gold trades at $1000 ,many mines will shut down and CSI will still be making lots of cash.This type of project is what Barrick,Goldcorp,etc need in there portfolio.CSI has not even been talking much about drilling on other area's which will futher increase reserves significantly.Here we are 2 yrs down the road,much farther along to actually mining,and now 75% of ownership,trading at crazy low levels.It's obvious to me that professional accumulation is taking place and controlling bid and ask,and there really isn't much retail ownership remaining although,I don't know the actual percentage.

   I for one will not attempt to trade this with the upticks,hoping to re-enter at lower levels.As we get closer to the 43-101,there will be several majors attempting to get this before the mine actually starts producing.CSI in my opinion are doing everything right IMO to maximize info and appropriately releasing information .

   Expect huge upticks and volitility in the near term as majors start buying up to 10% allowable and professionals attempt to shake out remaining retail.     

  Good luck