not posting cost savung with their investment for the chromite >>> you would think if their junior partner found the best bang for cliffs buck that they would post postive news when almost everything else is not doing so well ??? like the news of 25 dollar shares they will be flogging and how does anyone buy or want to buy when they are about to be able to purchase straght from the company a stock for a cheap price tag ???

so cliffs management wants a road but rail makes more sense ???

here in ontario diesel goes for 1; 35 L

then how many trucks and trailers does one but to ship this ore ??? 150 or more

management will be asking to finance millions and just how many more shares gets printed ???

KWG Resources Inc.: Tetra Tech Trade-Off Study Favours Rail to Ring of Fire

KWG Resources Inc. KWG
2/21/2013 3:56:50 PM
KWG Resources Inc.: Tetra Tech Trade-Off Study Favours Rail to Ring of Fire

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Feb. 21, 2013) -KWG Resources Inc. (TSX VENTURE:KWG) ("KWG") has released a study that it commissioned by the international engineering firm Tetra Tech WEI Inc. to compare the capital and operating costs of both a railroad and an all-weather road to the Ring of Fire. The study estimates the capital costs for a roadway at $1.052 billion and a railroad at $1.561 billion. If 3 million tonnes per year are shipped, operating costs are estimated at $10.50 per tonne for the railroad and $60.78 per tonne for trucking on the road. If 5 million tonnes per year are shipped, it is estimated that those operating costs per tonne would be reduced to $6.33 for rail and $59.28 for trucking.

The complete study has been posted on the KWG website: and should be read in its entirety to understand the assumptions made by the authors of the study in order to derive the foregoing conclusions.

About KWG: KWG has a 30% interest in the Big Daddy chromite deposit and the right to earn 80% of the Black Horse chromite where resources are being defined in a drilling program this winter. KWG also owns 100% of Canada Chrome Corporation which has staked claims and conducted a $15 million surveying and soil testing program for the engineering and construction of a railroad to the Ring of Fire from Exton, Ontario.