how about those american job market numbers ??? not to mention platts spot pricing numbers for 2013 coming in ??? shhhhhhhhhh keep all the good news to themselves but hey lets dig up more tons to flood the markets to offset those numbers to soften the landing ahhhhhhhh ... watch vale / bhp to see where your numbers are headed ??? better change the game plan and work with partners to give yourselves a rose color picture ??? makes one wonder what so wrong with working in partnership and not being tied up in court for how long to have your route to the south from your chromite mine ??? guess with your asian problems and canadian court problems shareholders do not mind you shelving your plans to succeed with future money being in limbo ??? when you play your games with the little canadian companies and the natives see all the baggage that goes along with your game of rule that is why they are not on board with cliffs chromite mine (GAMES AND NATIVES DO NOT LIKE GAMES)