cliffs atemt at the easment    even if fully ajudicated may not sucseed anyway...   as long as it is fare from drilled or to be drilled land  they should get it    ......... but  kwg  might be able to put a strong case that they will etc or we going to.  that would take internal audits  etc  and  thats stil not difinative .......-----    i think they are going this way because  they dont want to be seen to be buying up more claims   now as if they dont know  their sharholders  want them to throw more cash into the cauldrin they have created  buy not   making nakina the site....... and its  also an atempt to show the world they can win a battle in court.  ---    this just a side show anyway----       its an easment to knowwhere till cliffs  dummys up  and backs dow on sudbury   heck the  fed and prov gov  will throw a buch of cash at the project anyway  but they cant till its nakina ville