Cliffs is in the minister of mines court to try and get an easment on kwg clains. Cliffs could stop thier easment claim and buy kwg now but they want to play games. In canadian law if the indians get serious or kwg, or any other party decides to take thier greivances to a higher court then the ministers court is put on hold, easment frozen not being able to move forward untill higher court makes a deceision. Cliffs would not be able to withdraw thier easment application or move the project forward untill the higher court makes a legal deceision. That could take years if someone got real serious with cliffs. Cliffs would have to sell or thier share price would drop to unbelievable lows. With the profits to be made in the ring of fire project cliffs would be very smart to drop thier court proceedings before thier frozen and freeze the whole ring of fire project for years. Just buy or make an agreement with kwg quickly before someone else kills cliffs buy taking the proceedings to a higher court. Indians may not because they have thier own wants from the profit but what a way for the enviromentalists to halt cliffs et all in thier tracks for years and years playing the higher court game. The only way to stop this is for cliffs to move first .. I hope cliffs is listening!!!