North Shore: industrial sites sought in Sept-Iles

Updated Monday, July 16, 2012 at 9 am EDT 15
Pointe-Noire in Sept-ÎlesPointe-Noire in Sept-Iles   © Evelyne Side

The place is running in the industrial park of Sept-Iles.

Sites located near the deep water port are increasingly sought after.

Two major projects are already underway. In a few months, New Millennium Iron recover iron from Schefferville in new facilities it wishes to build an industrial site, located 1 km east of Church Road, Val-Marguerite.

For its part, intends to consign Alderon concentrate Kami Mine, located near Labrador City, from the deep water port of Sept-Iles. Mining provides the facilities to locate near Cliffs, Pointe-Noire.

These new projects concerned area residents who fear increased noise and dust. Councilman Gervais Gagne, who has seen preliminary sketches of the proposed New Millennium, is seeking mitigation. "It is not when the dust will have woken us up one morning, then the machine will be made on red clotheslines that it'll be time to act," argued the counsel.

The environmentalist believes that Marc Fafard Sept-Îles should manage the allocation of sites and demand more from manufacturers. He believes that the city leaders lack confidence and play the game too often certain groups.

Sept-Iles worked for one year to identify industrial projects that could move around the bay. The consultant's report will be ready in the fall.