Art and Profit, your recent points are exactly what I am saying.  Feb 25th has come and gone and either the loan was extended or paid out.  There is no way it went into default the whole purpose of the debenture was to take that leverage tool away from IMC.  Without the debenture funds, IMC could have said, "we will only extend the loan if you make further concessions".  Now IMC does not have that leverage.  It is not a problem whether the loan was extended or whether it was paid out--the important thing is it will give evidence of what the current relationship is between Woulfe and IMC.  Bingo. Thus my original comment that we should be getting a n/r very soon.  I bet in the next couple of days.  Not the big n/r of financing being firmed up--just the n/r regarding the debentures being filled and the loan being paid or extended.