Segusmundo.. Agree with you, more or less.. Great interview..

No matter how the deal is concluded, we want to see the Convert closing quickly and decisively unless IMC steps up the pace of agreement because they don't want their stake being diuted, which I think is still possible.. Retail investors are just bystanders in all of this and we just have to hope that there will be enough checks and balances to make sure everything is kosher..

Going forward, the BOD interaction will move up a notch or two with Goodman with his big stake..  Also, one thing we can be sure is that a lot more management expertise will be available and deployed going forward to bring this project to fruitation..  Hopefully, that is the outcome a year or so from now but we still need to see progress next 4 to 8 weeks.. I will feel more confident when there are funds and plans to start construction on time..