Good point StockExpertPro; It is evident that the Jewish connection have ganged up on poor Brian as he had no other recourse but to go along on whatever IMC wanted and obviously Goodman's appointment had to be approved by all of the major insiders to get to this level. It is all about probability and managing the risk. ( shares will move up in price only once Goodman's options are approved by the exchange. ( A bird in the hand is better than 2 in the bush , Warren Buffett's famous words.

I believe that perhaps the worst is over as success breeds success. We are looking at a very cheap stock, with a very high margin of safety. WOF is believed to have a potential of $3 to $5, once the Bullish Sentiment builds up soon from Goodman's and Warren Buffett's followers buying WOF.

We have winner

Do your DD