A possible buyout could be negotiated based on the value of the Woulfe Mining assets. I would expect a buyout in the range of .60 cents to $1+ price per share. Possibly higher if the Muguk gold and other assets are included.

The CEO Brian Wesson has experience on how to complete a buyout successfully based on what his Reuters public profile says.


Mr. Brian Wesson is President, Chief Executive Officer, Non-Independent Director of Woulfe Mining Corp. He is an Engineer with 30 years' experience, an MBA and is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy and the Australian Institute of Corporation Directors. Mr. Wesson has experience in the operation, design and construction of mines and process plants. Westech bought the Vatukoula Mine in Fiji after mine closure, Westech refinanced and refurbished the operation and put it back into production and, on listing, Vatukoula Gold took over.

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