The loan agreement is available on SEDAR.CA from March 2012.

Simply put we need one of 3 thingsto happen:

1) Confirmation from Woulfe that the have a written agreement with IMC to extend the deadline 

2) come up with the money (maybe with a deal from a major shareholder

3) The financing deal (IMC+Bank+Woulfe) closes before the ednd of Feb.

Let's hope that it is option 3 and we can all start relaxing a little.

For all the pumpers and dumpers that just paste this site with useless blaber please let the real investors discuss their view of the stock based on facts not fanatsy world stories.

And please try to keep this on the subject, not personnal. If you don't like someone put him on ignore or send a private message we don't need to read your personnal fight in public.

Thank you

Always do your own DD

For full disclosure I am long Woulfe mining.