I can understand some folks freaking out here but I am not sure what a news release here will do unless it is a definitive one..  There are only 2 possible outcome here that are meaningful for share holders.. 1.. The deal is consumated and we get the details or 2. Deal is scuttled..  The company is obligated to  provide news when 1 or 2 is the case.. Or if the company decides to raise more funds or delay ongoing work with contractors etc..

The fact of the matter is, the company has not said it is #2 means, they are still talking and trying to nail it down so a news release saying 'We are still talking'  is absolutely meaningless from a share holder point of view and share price movement..

So for my money, even though it has taken a long time, at this point give us a new release that is definitive and conclusive..  So that means we wait for an outcome where management has no choice but to report..