IMO not a bad project but still not as good economics as Woulfe, especially the CAPEX of 579 Mil. $. In this markets impossible to raise.

Northcliff releases positive Feasibility Study for Sisson Tungsten-Molybdenum Project

"Undertaken by Samuel Engineering, Inc. of Denver, Colorado, the Sisson Project Feasibility Study reports a pre-tax net present value ("NPV") of $714 million at an 8% discount rate, an internal rate of return ("IRR") of 20.4% and a 4.1-year payback on initial capital expenditures of $579 million at long term metal prices of US$350/mtu for ammonium paratungstate ("APT") and US$15/lb for molybdenum. On a post-tax basis, Sisson has a $418 million NPV (equal to $5.40 per outstanding Northcliff share based on 77,399,245 current issued and outstanding shares), a 16.3% IRR and a 4.5 year payback on initial capital. All values are expressed in Canadian dollars unless otherwise noted."