Re: Vancouver Resource Investment Conference; Due to my schedule I could not make it this year, I asked my Brother-in Law to go by the booth and ask a lot of questions as he is in the Financing business near by downtown Vancouver.

He did go to WOF's booth # 1024; talked to Nick Smith as Brian was away in South Korea trying to put the deal together between the 3 parties involved in the financing. His perception from the long conversation with Nick Smith was quite positive and he claims that Nick Smith was an up front guy, straight forward on all the questions asked.

Nick did not appear to be pumping WOF as a speculative stock, but as a stock with great potential for growth and very enthusiastic about Brian and the ongoing negotiations on the financing with IMC and the Korean Bank, soon to come. ( possibly with weeks away).

In discussing his time with Nick he felt that something big is going behind the seen, as close to 50% of WOF's stock is owned by 5 to 6 institutions,  Australia, England, Canada and US. 

We came to the agreement that the minute that the stock is halted and the financing announcement is made, WOF will be trading over $1 and the potentiality over $5. ( as South Korea is a friendly country to conduct mining business and they will be using 100 % of the Tungsten mined at the mine).

Do your DD, I am only a shareholder