Attended Sunday.  Introduced myself to Nick as a frustrated investor.  He said they took the IMC deal early when markets were tough and they needed cash.  They subsequently did the deal with the Korean bank.  The DD process has been signed off and done with IMC but there are no penalty clauses in the deal for completing the agreement in any certain timeframe.  

The process of getting the two separate deals to be compatible to all parties has been tough.  Woulfe is in Vancouver, IMC is an Israeli company and the Buffet side has lawyers in New York while the Korean bank has lawyers in Seoul.  The length of time to complete the deal has been frustrating for Woulfe but they have so much time invested in this set of partners that they feel it's the best route.  They have met with alternative investors/lenders but feel it would take a similar length of time to complete a new deal so starting over doesn't seem the best choice.  

So no predictions on time frame and Woulfe will keep relatively quiet on the process until they have a signed deal because any description of how the process is going isn't going to help.  The market now expects a signed deal and anything less than that isn't important.