What if !!! IMC and Shanan Korean Bank financing does not come throught, could they & (Dundee) be preparing for a .20 cents Private Placement ( PP ) by the insiders. They can't stop the project now, they will have to find the money some where else to continue or go to the Chinese.

That is a very cheap PP at .20 cents, too bad, additional dilution for  WOF . ( Brian should have the cash to take part of the  PP at .20 cents as he and wife previously sold 4 million shares and more of WOLF at .28 cents/share, as reported on www.canadianinsiders.com , that would be a great profit, plus he will get the free warrants.). "WOW". what a great profit.

As a shareholder; I don't blame anyone else but myself for buying  WOF, should have known better, I don't like what my radar screen is telling me. As continous excuses stories re;, ie; (MONEY ) was to be IN before 2012/ then Jan 2013, now, March 2013 and no reason is given, for the delay. May be it was never there in the first place; the next excuse it will be IN Jan 2014. ( where is uncle Buffett when you need help)

DO your DD, even if you do it sometimes you can be wrong.

Do your DD