I want to know what is going on as much as the next guy, but I doubt any NR in an effort to buoy the share price in the short term will make any difference as long as the big financing news comes through before the company needs to do another private placement (I believe the share price after the news will be similar whether the price at the time of the big NR is .30 or .20). 

In fact, if the company was working really hard to bolster the share price in the short term by doing various NR's, I may even view that as a precursor to another private placement. Assuming that the share price will be the same after the news regardless of what it is before the news, why else would they need to boost the share price short term other than to raise capital? While they may wish to do so to appease investors, I doubt many of us will care that they didn't do so as long as the deal gets done before another private placement. 

Git 'er done Brian!

Best of luck to all.