I agree Zyn. The board seems to have a recurrent theme. When WOF stock is up, people project it wil go to the moon and the praise flows. When the stock pulls back, it is projected to fall hard, or even go bankrupt.  Most of these projections are coupled with highly convicted thoughts, fears, or, even in some cases, seemingly delusional thoughts to rationalize price projections.  In reality, nothing has substantially changed in the fundamentals over the past 6 months. Financing, or lack thereof, is the unknown factor which drives virtually all of the posts. And, as of today, that still remains an unknown factor, one way or the other. Thus, I don't put to much signficance into these short term price moves seemigly driven by speculation and fear of the unknown. Like Merc pointed out about a week ago, prefer a longer term view: the macro picture. That said, I do think the company's failure to keep shareholders updated on this important finance issue is sophomoric at best, and, at worst, utterly irresponsible, if not actionable.