Happy New Year to all on this board. To those that take the time to post their thoughts and analysis, I thank you for your efforts.It is an excellent forum and I have learned a great deal from reading your blogs. It seems we have some rather sharp minds here so I'm hoping you will offer your two cents worth to my recent point of consideration.I feel quite confident in the short to medium term prosects of Woulfe Mining.Many have offered solid reasons why we might feel so.Lately I have been considering some of the language in recent news releases, in particular the term "strategic partner" Why the use of this term instead of "off-take ageament" or "joint venture" Is this some indication of a long term plan to take over or merge companies once into production. Words and terms are chosen carefully when writing N/R's - - - does any of this mean anything to any of you ? Cheers and best wishes to all