Looks like some of the numbers being mentioned are off.. Korean Zinc as of Feb. 21, had direct control of 29,999,983 shares and indirect control of 1,000,000 .. Resinco Capital Partners on the other hand, as of September 30, owned 26,603,853..

Commonwealth Bank of Australia owned 27,500,000 shares and 13,750,000 warrants..  Dundee based on their last filing of November 19th owns 34,187,500 shares and 10,000,000..

We can reasonably assume that CommonWealth Bank have not been selling and we know Dundee has been adding..  It is possible Resinco may be selling because after all they are investment partners so they do need cash to invest in new ventures..  Korean Zinc on the other hand are right there on the ground so perhaps they will hold longer for the bigger score since they know what is there since they used to own it..

Last but not the least, I believe 21m shares (20.5 direct and .5 indirect) are owned by the guy with whom Woulfe made the deal when they revived the project..