Beemop you make a good point.  When Korea Zinc bought those shares in January it was just a month before the IMC news and nobody thought the IMC dd would take as long as it did.  That might explain why Korea Zinc might be the seller now to Dundee even though they bought a million shares in January for the same price.  They may have never intended to have the money tied up that long.  A second explanation may be that the purchase was complicated prior commitment between the parties.  Also, nobody can say for certain that it was Korea Zinc that sold the shares--I am just saying that it is a realistic possibility.  I do believe that Korea Zinc no longer owns 10% so if they are the ones selling, we will never know, but it would explain why it is not showing up as an inside sale now.  TechOne seems to also be scratching his head on this one--none of us know for sure.  All I know is that cross-over sales do not have too much long term effect on the share price. It is still likely the same big 4 companies that own nearly 40% of Woulfe.  A bigger story would be if any of those big 4 companies are also adding shares by purchasing from retail investors.