a) The market is an anticipated mechanism for WOF, just a matter of time as the desired objective goals are coming together.

b) There are people that make things happen and have track record of doing it.

c) There are people who watch things happen and miss the opportunity.

d) And there are people who will say. (WHAT HAPPEN??? WHAT HAPPEN???) when the stock moves parabolic to over $1 after the news.

e)Tungsten is a rare metal that the Western Nations have a need for and do not want to be strategically at the mercy of China that controls 95% of the rare metal production. ( Tungsten is under the national security radar screen as a scarce metal in USA and other western nations).

f) Sometimes imagination is more important than knowledge at times. What would happen to WOF if Warren Buffett's followers decide to follow him into investing in WOF as the money is in place, could WOF potentially go to $3 to $5. ( Remember what happen to the railway companies in US and Canada when Warren Buffett got involved as well as other companies he started buying.

Investing 101, do your DD.