Shinhan Bank completing dd and Shinhan Bank signing a definitive loan agreement are two separate things.  IMC will not advance the $35M until Shinhan signs their definitive loan agreement.  Similarly, Shinhan will not sign their definitive agreement until certain terms favourable to the bank are put in the final agreement between Woulfe and IMC. That is just the way big business works.  I don't expect any significant N/R until both the bank and IMC say they are happy with the draft wording of the other parties agreement with Woulfe.  If all this paperwork takes another month, it makes no difference to me, provided the deal eventually gets done.  Speculating on whether this will be completed on Monday or on Christmas eve is pointless--I am certain that not even Brian knows when it will happen because it is to a large extent out of his control.  There is lots of evidence that the deals will eventually complete and I can find no evidence that they will not complete.  My last comment several days ago about "show me the money" was simply referencing my confusion as to why Woulfe would proceed with these corporate tours before the definitive agreements were signed.  Penny stock are not for the faint of heart.  I have a ton of this stock because I am convinced the definitive agreements are going to lead to a Merry Christmas for shareholders.  Patience, and remember we longs will always be able to tell our friends we bought into the Sangdong mine before Warren Buffett did.  I still shake my head at that thought.