Yes I was there and I have documented what transpired..   It was obvious that Banks's DD completion was unexpected but welcome surprise for the management and that is why the CEO was cancelling his part in rest of the presentations all the way to New York and was going to take off for Korea after AGM related activities..  Did you expect them to change the slides on the fly just to move an activity from one slide to another ?

I don't consider Shinhan DD completion as material..  We have no idea at this stage whether the Bank is happy with what they found or they may change anything from the terms of reference that was signed.. Only material news from here on is when Shinhan and Woulfe signs a contract on the loan amount and line of credit is created for withdrawl and when IMC and Woulfe signs equity and PTC debt financing contracts..

If you have any problem or doubt with anything I mentioned either from the presentation or my documentation of it, you can just ignore it.. 

I was just sharing the status since I managed to attend the event and because every one is always grumbling here as to how they don't know where things stand..