Realism will hold that until the $35 from IMC is paid, this s/p will not make any significant move upward--a couple of pennies is not a significant move.


I think the timing of these 7 city presentations starting today had more to do with the fact that all the Directors were already going to be in Vancouver for Wednesday's general annual meeting, and they had hoped to have good news on the IMC front, so they scheduled the tour.  I earlier stated I think that is not very good planning to put one on the defensive for such a tour without the $35M.  No doubt they really hoped the good news would be proclaimed before Nov 19th, but hopes and reality are two different things.  They ought to be careful not to cry "Woulfe" too many times, or else shareholders like me can't trust their sincerity.  


The reality is Woulfe has recently taken many steps consistent with them believing the $35 M will arrive soon:

1.  The purchased the land at a cost suggestive of the $35M coming soon.

2.  The new decline is definitely being built as we speak

3.  They have hired people to do the construction.

4.  They keep referring to IMC as their partner, and it has been confirmed the dd of IMC is complete.

5.  Dundee (who has a way bigger capacity at doing dd) believes the deal with IMC is going through.


In short, there is every logical reason for thinking the IMC $35M is coming some time in 2012, but speculating on an exact date is impossible.  Of course we all hope that date comes sooner than later.  I just have my doubts as to it coming today with the beginning of this 7 city tour.  I once thought the news would come before the tour, but I have now changed my mind on that front--it may well be into December some time, although we can all hope and have optimism that it will be sooner.