The money could be coming at the opening Monday morning; they will then have something to talk about on the following presentation propmotion meetings. ( Nov 19,2012) would start the promotion in Victoria Monday (Nov 19,2012) Tuesday in Vancouver, Wednesday,November 20, 2012), AGM in Vancouver, November 21, 2012, Calgary, November 23,2012, Toronto, November 26, 2012, Ottawa, November, November 28,2012. Montreal. 29, 2012, and New York, November 30,2012.

Why spend all that money on this long (promotion) trip if they have nothing to talk about???. Is it to tell a story or to ask for help????????.

I am long on this one; I believe that if nothing happens within these promotion trips, WOLF will be down to .20 cents. However: if the money comes in within that time, the stock could SOAR to over $1+++.

The AGM could be very interesting, we could have a suprise on the table ??? Takeover or Merger.

If all fails, as a shareholder all I ask is for management to tell the truth and move this company from a spectulative company to a successful World Class Tungsten, Gold and other medals Producing Mine.

Best of luck do your DD & 101 Investing.