I believe the cash from IMC is imminent. The problem is I would have posted the same thoughts in early June and we still don't have a penny from IMC. Considering our current cash burn that creates a potential problem. My guess, and it's just a guess, is that in the absence of IMC or Shinhan cash, Woulfe's going to needs operating cash by early next year.Its times like these that remind me off Oilexco. Oilexco was a $10 stock and I owned a bundle. Oilexco had arranged financing that would have kept it at $10 or more. All that was required was for pen to hit paper. Yet that financing was needlessly delayed. A crash in oil prices and the bank decided to change it's mind. My investment is now worthless. Long story short, never underestimate the importance if having cash to a small company like Woulfe. Never forget that Woulfe can be further diluted or much worse if the powers that be continue to drag their feet. Last but not least, hold management accountable for results. Good luck to all the longs. >