Management is responsible for the delays in progressing the project. Management choose to partner with IMC. Woulfe sold 40% of its tungsten mine/refinery for $70. It did so when every indication was that the value was a minimum of $400 million. That puts a 40% take around $160 million. The large discount was the price to pay for a junior to get financing. The deal was promoted by management to both fast track the project sheff to prevent further dilution. What has become clear since February is that Woulfe did not negotiate for sufficient up front cash nor did it include any clauses such that Woulfe would be compensated if IMC delayed or decided to not move ahead. These are reasonable and appropriate steps management should have taken to protect MY money. Yet it didn't. The result was that Dundee picked up 10% of the company for $5 million in a private placement It also means we are running short on cash yet again and still don't have the cash to build the mine. So while I agree we appear to be at the mercy of IMC, management is responsible for letting that happen.>