Hi MercurySmith, in my mind, everything depends upon the BFS, as thats the predicate to IMC signing off on the joint venture. Assuming the BFS delivers as we all hope and think it will, I certainly see us in the .55 - .60 range by June, and closer to a dollar come December. But, its been a rough 2 months for mining companies, and I think the recent drag on our shareprice is more a reflection of broader macro economic concerns, as the price of Tungsten runs in lock step with global economic growth. Some muted growth projections for the BRIC countries that overlapped with last weeks press release might have contributed to last weeks share price performance. But for that, I think we would have hit .35 by Friday. But, as always, I stand to be corrected by Shinningstar, so I tingle in anticipation of his always informative and prescient analysis. Something to do with "pumper trash" I would think.