I understand exactly how they work and that they can often make money without a lot of money out of pocket . I just am tired of  Guru the Clown making everything a conspiracy and inferring management is holding back material news until just before expiry. They could do it at any point and get the SP above the exercise price...why would they wait until the last minute. I wish that idiot would sell his shares and get lost. He obviously put all his money in one stock in a sector that has been beaten down as a whole and blames management for everything. This is the only board he posts on.  The same management that got financing in a very tough environment and is close to getting it to production. I have read that there may be as many as 600 juniors that will not make it through the year because they can not raise money.

I'd love the SP to be a lot higher...but at least we have built towards being a producer and also having an impressive resource in Romania.