Just so we are clear...are you stating on a public forum that management is holding back material news that could affect the SP so they can release it near the options expiry date? I hope you have a good lawyer.

If they had any news, they don't need to release it then. They could release it any time and have the SP go up and exercise their options. Do you have a clue what options are? They still have to pay for the stock. It is only an asset if the option exercise price is below the current SP. Then they still have to pay to get the stock at that price. It isn't free stock. They could have bought shares recently at .28...I did.

It must be scary in that head of yours...everything is a conspiracy with management. They have lots of shares and would benefit greatly from the SP rising, but you think they are always screwing the shareholders. If there was news they would release it. Go to the website www.carpathiangold.com.

There is a video update about the Brazil project. There is nothing to hide. They have proven up much of what they wanted in Romania and are now concentrating on building a mill. There are 2 drills running in Brazil and of course they will have some updates at some point.

The last NR update states they will go into production in the second half of this year and produce 100,000 oz of gold per year once they are at full production. As we get closer to that I fully expect to see more buying and an increase in SP. If the political situation in Romania clears up then I expect we could finally see some appreciation for the resource there. Last I heard on Romania...still waiting for the Mining license and the new gov’t has just been sworn in and all processes are business as usual