Hey Twin:  Followed your link to the article and in the comments section found the item below with a link posted by the Editor.  Sometimes if things seem too good to be true....

The article clearly states that China anticipates that its purchases of gold will be twice the amount of its production, not that it will purchase twice as much gold as it does now.  Two very different things.  The link you sent indicates that Chinese miners will be purchasing properties outside of the country and that is more the core of the article.  IMHO

Comment by Eric F. - 28 December 2012

Hi, I’m wondering if you can tell me where and when did the China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology publish this information? I’m looking it up online and all sources only point back to here.

Ed Note: We had the official statement but would have to track it down again. See: http://www.thechinamoneyreport.com/2012/11/27/chinas-gold-consumption-to-be-more-than-double-the-production-of-bullion-by-2015/