Posts" aren't the be all and end all" ???

You seem to get off on yours.Its like you have 2 jobs now.What a shame thats the way to spend your time off.

Its obvious you use multiple aliases,cant keep your posts straight either.

Funny how those are the only stocks you reference being down so much over the last 4 years as all jrs mining deal have suffered the same.

That really leads me to believe you invested in one of them and are just too sour to use your prior alias to complain.Maybe you just aren't the kind of person who should be investing,let alone jr spec stocks.Have you tried mutual funds,maybe through your employer.

Four stocks are scams apparently and every other jr mining play isnt.You definitely a man scorned and dont forget to call Human Resources to get those payroll deductions when you go to work.Less stress,or maybe you'll start e-mailing the fund manager calling him a pumper/promoter when your mutual fund is down too.

Good luck,I really mean it