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Gosh I do not know which I like better boards with no posts or Software selling Service Models. appears i went from crickets to a stock pumpers joining in. Thought more about salesforce split than who just started pumping this.  Never heard of the guy but appear to be of the minority. Bought on valuation, speculation and crickets so unclear now that herd mentality is interested as float is not big enough.  Not the first time nor the last time a herd shows up...just never this quick.

 Aside from the usual street model ignorance and these new DOJ headwinds personal view not based on fact just my personal silly view

I view this as why on earth would I sell my lemon aid stand for 7....when I already received a low balled appraisal of 17? yikes, same group showed up last time i used this phrase

Perhaps, my most profitable plays often start as the loneliest....but I also respect I am a huge Software selling Service Model junkie and this position is free money from my addiction.

Would have paid less if Kerrisdale Capital did not show up to play in my sandbox but it is what it is and respect this is not my first subscription base becomes a cash flow machine rodeo.

Long-Term Sentiment Disclosure

Love the Software selling Service Model Space but more often than not think they are overvalued and I way overpaid…… only to be proven wrong more times than I am willing to post

Paid $20 for Netflix

Paid $6 for Elli

Paid $40 for SalesForce.com

Paid $7 for this