Not sure what to think of the purchase or what it may signifie other than an investment that they must feel is prudent.  It would be interesting to speculate that it may result in a takeover but somehow this would seem unlikely.  They probably just want to make a passive investment and seen value in making the purchase.

I think the company is due to get some appreciation from the market as it has been punished along with many others in it's sector.  If the fundamentals can keep improving it should eventually reflect in the share price.  Purchased more of the equity when it dipped into the .18 cent level but still relatively flat on the overall average.  By merely looking at technical indicators this one looks due for a move however the fundamentals are going to have to back that up to really get it on it's way.

It's nice that they have some exciting projects, are able to fund exploration from existing cash flow, and that they are actively recruiting human resources which shows they are making progress but this one is not always for the impatient.  If all goes well without any disruptions (knock on wood) this one should be on it's way to increasing gold production and thus earnings.