Well,at last the Dragon holdings have moved . Good to be rid of them !!! Too long an overhang.!!! 

1. What do you all think the backround is to their purchase by  Praetorian (quoted on aim in UK ?).

2. What is the link to the APAC share subscription to Praetorian - APAC seems to originate from    Shanghai ...!!! ??? Anyone know what the link is to Besra?

3. Do you think APAC or Sun Hill......... , may mount a bid for BESRA ?   My view is that they will have to

  pay $2 in value to get Besra, and soon !!!. This Company has some highly valuable resource locations

  in Malaysia and Phillipines which already have extremley high  levels of resources there, and massive

   resources yet to be uncovered and declared , IMHO. !!!!


" ownership battles are fought in the market-place"