I AM shaking my head Juanito1.  Here's why...

1.  In all your so called DD and all the information you and your friends have, you never once mentioned the name Helm AG until someone else brought it up yesterday. ( I just went through all of your past posts)  Who are you kidding?

2. You seem to be having the same trouble on the V.RGX board with those posters.  I see you even resorted to showing them your supossed positions in that security as well.

3. I think you somehow came into some money in the last year and you decided to put it into some "long shots" on the stock market.  Now you are resorting to pumping everything you have bet on.  Good luck with that game plan.  I truly hope you hit homeruns on every one of them.  Just keep it real around here.  You don't know a dang thing about Bioexx, r V.RGX or any of the others.  You simply placed some bets.