I've been self employed for the last 30 years juanito. The guys that didn't get it right are the ones that are just a memory. I've never praised nor rewarded shoddy workmanship. All they had to do was make a phone call to see what was required of them in the application. If they weren't sure Helm is big enough that they could of hired a lawyer who specializes in the field. This nonsense is a throw back to the CC days when they would do something half a ss without thinking it out first. I don't want to hear anymore that they are on the right track when I don't how long that track is. You don't either irregardless of your top secret DD. Any wonder the sp sunk like a rock the first time it was announced CS was to be our CEO? The market was hoping for someone with more experience and more trustworthy in running BioExx. Let's hope just our ego is bruised with this EU rejection and we don't suffer a lengthy setback. Get it right people! The future of BXI depends on it or hasn't it dawned on anybody at 33 Fraser Ave.