Where did we get the idea that Helm is one of the potential JV Partners?  Bioexx and Helm have had a relationship for years, they may simply be providing some guidance through the European approval process.  Let's not get ahead of ourselves.  It seems someone on this board assumes something that makes sense, then all of a sudden it becomes the "truth" or a new fact, uncontested.  It may very well be that the original JV talks ceased and Bioexx approached Helm for some guidance in hopes that it would bring new suitors to the table.  Who knows?  none of US, that is for sure.

  I think the same thing happened with words "Pilot Plant".  Someone on this board referred to Saskatoon as a Pilot Plant and the next thing you know, it was a Pilot Plant.  It was NEVER a pilot plant, it was a very expensive attempt at a real processing facility.  Rationalizing the real failures, trial and errors, and changes in the process by calling it a "Pilot Plant" only serves to mislead people around here.  Has anyone ever seen or heard CC or CS refer to Saskatoon as a "Pilot Plant" ?  Just curious...maybe they did and I missed it or forgot about it.

  Keep looking for facts, thanks to all that find them and provide links.  That is real discussion.  The rest of it is assumption and speculation.