I certainly am not impressed with either Helm or BioExx. Smacks of amateur submission to me. Did the people responsible really believe they could get approval for a food product destined to be marketed for the first time to a population of which infants will also be targeted for consumption on just their say so that it is safe? With no real life clinical data presented to support their claims? Somebody didn't adequately do their homework or else their research would of told them their application had a major hole in it. You can almost sense the EU authorities in their response were offended by the presumption of these applicants in thinking they could get approval on the cheap based solely on some random laboratory tests. Maybe the company could of made better use of their money in the last year than paying an Executive VP and a VP of Operations when there are no operations to speak of? As usual there is way too much drama attached to anything they try to do. The question now is how fast can BXI correct their screw up?