Thanks conscience1; let me put it like this, I have been around this board for a while and took my first position in this stock back in 2008. It's story is different from other companies: a simple business model that I understand and makes sense to me (I do not understand many of these internet or app development related models and how on earth they can ever make money..). I have been expanding my position all the way down in 2011 and 2012. Why: they screwed up organization wise, but the fundamentals are still there. I have not bothered to respond to speculation, opinions or nonsense recently posted on this board; this used to be a rather informative and high quality board and sometimes I see the odd post from ghosts from the past which makes me realize that they are still around and take the same stand as I do. I share what I find and see, and I hope others do too, it is in my own interest to make balanced decisions based on good and factual information (and a SP that goes up).

Think about this: the laws of nature have not changed because Chris Carl messed up... The only thing that has changed is the company's cash position and perception by the market, it's up to Schnarr to change that and build a viable company. If he can't, well, then I take my loss as a man and go down with the ship; one thing for sure, I will not sell a single share, the potential is just too tempting and makes it impossible for me to sell. That is probably my weak point...