MIllions of people are allergic to foods that are widely available. The population can't be tested as part of the approval process; it's not feasible. So a label warning will have to suffice. The levels of lead, pesticide, erucic acid etc. can easily be assayed from large scale lots/batches.

Concern re: GM or non-GM is irrelevant in terms of the product itself; there's no reason to expect plant DNA to cause harm to humans anyway, and levels of it in BXI's protein product should already be very low. Pure GM source from a single species of Canola would, at worst, mean more uniformity in the amino acid profile of the finshed product. This in itself could be a benefit, not a risk. Fears of GM use are more ecological than relevant to the suitability of Isolexx as a food source.

My wife's news tweet service coincidentally today says IKEA found horsemeat in their cafeteria food; didn't specify Europe vs North America.

The issues raised by the VNV report are, as Palmpje said, simple matters to resolve.  Helm is involved and has deep pockets. The report mentions "human studies" - note the plural.

I'm going to buy some more BXI.