The fact that their talks are not formally structured is exactly why the sp can't break out of the 9-12 cent range. Investors understand a LOI or an MOU and the positive anticipation they bring. They have at least some sense of confidence when two parties sit down face to face to jointly give it their best shot to try and hammer out an agreement but they can't get their heads around what is meant by negotiations when who you're supposed to be negotiating with chooses to remain anonymous. Too many shades of grey to deal with when the general term negotiations means different things to different people. Burcon on two separate occasions tried to come to terms with a partner to help develop their Peazazz pea protein. Both times the other party chose to remain anonymous. In the end they were forced to go it alone in building a semi works plant. Let's not kid ourselves. Emotions aside, this company still is not clear how they are advancing their shareholders best interests. Have they sidestepped the LOI or MOU process and have now engaged in final talks or are they still continuing to conduct a promotional campaign in the hopes that it will eventually amount to something? If this was a couple of months into the JV search I could live with the calls to wait and be patient from new investors but a year later imo that message is falling on deaf ears both to long time shareholders like myself and to those that hope to re-enter BXI if only this management team could act in the manner required from professional directors of a company.