Been watching for several months since buying my first shares at 17 cents. It's nothing if not entertaining. Full marks to 1320, dwr, buckrod and smlmedlge for their mainly rational, positive messages. I miss Curly and the Dr.

Have to agree that no good will come of bashing the management. Even if they enjoy relative protection as preferred creditors, they should have no desire to see the ship go down. The GEA report confirming viable scale-up of aqueous extraction is the real kicker.

I must admit that prolonged secrecy around the stage of negotiations (if any) is also not helpful to nervous investors like me. This company should also blow its own horn just a little bit. There's another article today mentioning the estrogenic effect of too much soy; BXI doesn't need to rely on GM feedstock, etc. These positives should be played up.

If other alternatives aren't working out soon, couldn't mgmt consider royalty agreements analogous to those used to bring new drugs to market, or licensing the recipe?