There's nothing hard about your questions BEAR. We keep explaining it to you over and over and you just keep going duh??? Sp is 8.5 cents because the penny pinchers who now control this stock won't be satisfied with anything less than the big mutha announcement. Sad to say but the accumulated dissing of this stock by long time current and former shareholders on this board for the last year has imo had a detrimental effect on the sp. That constant getting it off their chest purging came at a cost in the pocket book imo as potential new investors looked at BXI as being too troubled a company to risk owning.

They failed to make a profit with their water extraction method because that would be like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. The equipment at the Saskatoon plant is designed for the obsolete extraction system and cannot be made to work with the current way of extracting protein. It's common knowledge BEAR. Even the CEO has accepted the fact. In pilot plant work overseen by GEA, the new water extraction method has shown to be profitable if scaled up to a full size facility. I'm surprised you're confused on that point. Have you ever tried to do a job around the house or your car when you don't have the right tools? Frustrating and unproductive.

You must help me grasp what it is with your fixation that BXI must partner with a N.A. corporation or nothing. You say no one in N.A. wants to strike a deal with BXI knowing full well that is a misleading statement. Do you in fact know that no offers were made to CS? Do you fault the CEO of a company for focusing his efforts where the prospects are the most attractive and profitable for the shareholders? In the end it doesn't matter where you set up a manufacturing plant since world economies are inter connected.

Sixty five million and 18 months to build. I thought CS said from 12 months but I stand corrected if anyone begs to differ. Like they say, money makes money. Build it and they will come. I think that's the principle Walmart operates by. BXI will present their engineering data along with projected costs and anticipated profit margins for the experts to pour over. If all the numbers make sense we have a good chance to see a handshake. Sixty five million is a lot to spend if you assume there will be little to no returns but if it opens the door to hundreds of millions in profits over the coming years than it's money well spent. We'll see in the near future if those across the pond agree.