I believe the GEA report . They have publicly said it was positive. They have publicly said they can't release details of it for understandable reasons..They have publicly said they are near a deal...Why , Why do you continue to  publicly claim they are lying to us all and risk a defamation lawsuit yourself . Nervous ex hiding behind your computer screen thinking they probably don' t realize or could guess who you are ? Why , Why do you continue to bash this company for 7 mos straight and never once posted on another company  after admitting you sold all your shares at 16 cents ? I believe a vey reputable GEA company over you bear any day...Now you answer those very real hard questions for all of us here. Why do you do what you do and tarnish the reputation of a company on a very public bullboard everyday...think about that Bear real hard and see how you come across to everyone here...and the possible ramifications of your actions.