No hard feelings. I've also mentioned to CS that BXI needs to be promoted more. By the way juanito, you say to give your money to someone who knows how to invest. In fact I did just that a few years ago. I gave a hedge fund manager who was advertised as being a genius in the resource sector half my savings. He promptly lost me a ton of money and I finally cashed out at a loss after 2 years. After that the fund lost even more. It still hasn't recovered fully to this day. I was once exclusively into mid cap stocks with the odd big cap name. My idea was to steer a safer course recognizing the returns would be more conservative. In the quest for that elusive retirement multi bagger myself along with many others have turned to junior companies not realizing that small caps are a lot more schizoid than big caps. A down turn in the economy and they're the first to get tossed into the trash bin. By the time the retail shareholder figures out what's going on he's already in dire trouble. Maybe BXI will make it and maybe it won't. After all the shareholders have been through this past year it's going to take a lot more than words to convince them. The quality of deal if one is offered will be key as to where the market will take the sp. Right now whether you are a new or old investor it's best to sit tight and let CS and the BOD run the show. The ploughing and the seeding has been done, all we can do is wait and see if the hard work in preparing the field brings us a bountiful harvest. Cheers to all.