Ahh, due diligence juanito. What DD defense did we have when the former CEO by the name of Chris Carl had chosen a course of deception for his shareholders? How many professional brokerage houses and analysts were also conned by him? I took a larger position in the $1.80's based on his statement that a PP would not be needed until Minot was in the planning stages a couple of years in the future only to watch him do just the opposite with a $1 placement only a few weeks later. His NR's continually emphasized that commercial production was only months away. I remember distinctly him saying that all major obstacles at Saskatoon had been successfully dealt with. Another reason why I bought more. Now with the stock at 9 cents you come to scold us for not doing our DD and lacking in investment skills. Let's see if you can offer more than your patronizing smile and be happy message or your tedious lectures on how to view the market with 20/20 hindsight vision. Better get cracking with your door to door promo job. The sp hasn't budged so the natives are starting to wonder if you're not just another fly by night snake oil salesman.