Juanito, you come here as a fictional saviour on a message board allegedly able to open doors for BXI. I don't know how you will make them any better known when the market is perfectly aware of BXI and it's history. You qualify your statement by saying when they start to succeed. Well, if they were to start succeeding by announcing a JV partnership than there would be no need of your alleged services since every brokerage house and retail shareholder would be taking a hard look at BXI again. I certainly hope you are not planning on taking credit if the BXI sp should improve as we get closer to a possible JV decision? So now by stating you don't just sit around and wait but perform as well does that mean you are part of the inner strategizing circle at BXI or are you working solo? I'm just puzzled to where this chest beating of yours is taking us since you are subject to the same facts and speculation as the rest of the shareholders and the market itself. Is all your alleged power promoting on behalf of BXI in the hope of a double from .0825 cents and then off you go? Some would see you as a slick opportunist and a johnny come lately my friend.